Fitting a kitchen must be done with great precision and with longevity in mind. With such a wide range of tasks and skills required, it's imperative to get the right tools for the job. Trend has the system for job completion, see below for more information.

200mm Digital Angle Rule

500mm Digital Angle Rule

Worktop Jig Offset Scribe

Carpenters Pencils

 Stainless steel rules that can be used to calculate angles quickly and accurately and are ideal for woodworking, construction and machining.

A Worktop Offset ScriberFor quickly positioning worktop jigs.

Medium grade carpenters pencils for softwood and hardwood.

900mm Worktop Jig

700mm Worktop Jig

Tradesman ALL IN ONE worktop jig for up to 900mm worktops.
Hard wearing CNC machined Compact Grade High-Pressure Laminate 12mm thick jig that cuts both parts of the joint in 15 minutes including setting up.

Replacement Jig Pins

1/4" 12.7mm x 25.4mm Straight Cutter

With bottom cut feature for general purpose slotting, grooving and 25mm deep cutting depth for medium duty morticing work.

1/2" 12.7mm Trend CraftPro Worktop Joint Cutter

The essential cutter for routing post-formed joints with worktop jigs in tops up to 40mm thick.
 Especially suited for use on abrasive chipboard core laminate-faced worktops.

150mm Worktop Bolts

Panel bolt connectors to connect worktop joint together.

1/2" 12.7mm Trend CraftPro Worktop Joint Cutter

¼” 37.2mm Bearing Guided Biscuit Cutter 

Two flute carbide TCT tips for cutting biscuit slots in timber and timber-based materials.

½” 37.2mm Bearing Guided Biscuit Cutter  

Two flute carbide TCT tips for cutting biscuit slots in timber and timber based materials.


Beechwood biscuits expand when in contact with a woodworking adhesive such as PVA glue. They are ideal for strong, fast, and accurate jointing of hard and soft woods, plywood and composition board.





Draining Groove Jig  

A precision jig for routing draining grooves in solid timber and compact laminate worktops when installing Belfast, farmhouse, and under-mount sinks.

½” 9.5mm Radius Draining Groove Cutter  

Perfect for fluted panels, coved edge detailing, stopped detailing work and more.

½” 6.0mm Radius Draining Groove Cutter  

These cove style cutters with two flutes, give radiused grooves for decorative panel finishes and board edges.

½” Flat Bottom Draining Groove Cutter  

Can be used on chipboard, MDF, softwood, and hardwood, and is useful for creating flat drain grooves.

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½” Belfast Drip Cutter

These are ideal for engraving and decorative panel work.

Belfast Sink Jig  

For Routing Belfast /Butler sinks. Made from 12mm hardwearing CNC machined Compact Grade High-Pressure Laminate.
Will also allow drip channel groove to be routed on the underside of the worktop.

Hot Rod Jig  

Routing jig for routing grooves in solid work tops to accept 12mm diameter hot rods. Hot rods prevent heat damage to work surface

Heavy Duty Gripper Clamp

A concise range of F-Style quick action gripper clamps for a variety of clamping applications.