Trend Pro Kitchen Worktop Jig Range

Multi-material, Multi-function, Multi-backset Worktop Jigs for fast, perfect jointing on any width worktop with unique easy set window.

Features of the KWJ750 & KWJ900 Pro

All settings are done from the front edge eliminating any discrepancies from scribing or when using non-standard width worktops.

Simple intuitive setup; measure, mark, clamp and cut. A full male and female joint can be cut in 15 minutes including setting up.

Easy set reference window allows fast set up for any backset, simply align to a measured line.

3, 5, 10, 24, 35mm backsets to meet the demands of new materials, edge profiles and trends.

Jig setup indicators engraved into surface for easy identification and unique backset wedges for consistent easy setting.

Covers square edge, small radius, Postform radius and bullnose profiles with no need for alignment pins for worktop widths.

Recessed clamping slots for below the surface clamping for unrestricted routing with plunge saw clamps.

Allows worktops to be cut flush with door faces for handless contemporary styles without additional measuring or marking up.

Compact Laminate joints can be cut in a single pass, minimises strain on the router and extends cutter life.

Features of the KWJ900 Pro Only

Modular interchangeable and fast assembly design to build 3 different jigs, 435mm, 750mm and 900mm to suit the job in hand.

Jig breaks down to easily portable components for storage and easy transportation.

Compact double bolt recess and 35mm tap hole/hinge recess jig for easy set up and adaptability.

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900mm Pro Kitchen Worktop Jig

Modular interchangeable and fast assembly design with Unique Easy Set Window to build 3 different jigs to suit 435mm, 750mm and 900mm cuts.

750mm Pro Kitchen Worktop Jig

Unique Easy Set reference window eliminates set worktop widths pin positions for unlimited worktop joint widths from 150mm to 750mm.

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