U*VJS/CG/SSC - VJS/CG side to side clips (6pk)


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Varijig clamp guide side to side clips.

  • Clips comprise of alloy brackets, t-nuts and knobs.
  • Allows two clamp guides to be joined side to side.
  • Clamp one clamp guide to the bench and use the clips to attach another clamp guide next to it upside down.
  • Side to slide clips require two Varijig Clamp Guides to be used.
  • Side to side facility allow obstruction free working.
  • Six adaptors are included in the pack so that three pairs of clamps can be linked securely together.
  • Low profile clamping.
  • Ideal for sanding.
  • At least two clips must be used for side to side work.
  • Two clamps joined creates a 4 3/8 inch wide component support surface.
  • Wide components will require additional support to prevent tilt or the use of a second pair of clamp guides.
  • Varijig clamp guides not included.
1 3/8" x 5/8" x7/8"
35 mm x 16 mm x 22 mm

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