Trend have been leading the way in designing and developing router technologies and time-saving solutions for tradespeople for over sixty years, starting from 1955. During this time, we have built a recognizable brand that is synonymous with high quality and innovation, earning us a well-respected reputation in the woodworking & carpentry industry.

We're proud to say that providing top-notch customer service is a priority at Trend! Our team is committed to ensuring our customers have a seamless and satisfying experience with our products and services. Whether you have a question, concern or need assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help.

67 Years in Business

Trend was founded in 1955 by Jim Phillips, a passionate and enthusiastic woodworker who had the vision of bringing high-quality woodworking machinery to the U.K.

With early collaboration from Elu, Jim became the first authorized distributor of plunge routers in the UK. Now, after over a half-century of innovation in routing technology, Trend has the most comprehensive routing range on the market. 

We are proud to say that innovation within routing, offering strong customer service and providing problem-solving solutions are still at the heart of Trend's core values 67 years later.

Over 7,500 Tools & Accessories

Today, we stock over 1,800 unique router cutters, covering a wide range of different profiles for a variety of applications. We also offer an extensive range of 1/2" & 1/4" routers, ranging from light to heavy-duty as well as an abundance of jigs, templates, and accessories to increase the versatility of your router and help you produce an accurate and professional finish every time.

Trend has now expanded its product line to include cordless power tools, dust extractors, sawblades, sharpening solutions, abrasives, and drilling accessories.

We hope to continue offering time-saving solutions to DIY'ers, hobbyists and professional tradespeople around the world.

Stocked in 6,000 Stores

We're incredibly proud to serve DIYers, woodworkers, and tradespeople worldwide. Whether you're a professional looking for the best tools on the market or a beginner taking your first steps into woodworking, Trend has everything you need to achieve your goals.

Our tools are stocked in stores and online across the UK and worldwide. Discover local hardware stores, retailers and builders merchants that stock Trend products near you.

Over 50 Million Products Sold

We owe our current success in the routing world to the invaluable support of our exceptional workforce. We express our gratitude to our diligent and dedicated employees, who consistently strive to deliver the finest service possible. Moreover, we extend our appreciation to our customers, who have placed their trust in us to provide them with outstanding products and exceptional service. Without both our amazing people and loyal customers, we would not be where we are today.

We love hearing from you all, whether you have a question, concern or need assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help.

"What I love best about Trend is the high quality of their products at an affordable price. From my workshop everyday items like the digital angle finder, digital level box and Air Stealth Respirator right through to the class-leading T14 Router, I can confidently turn to Trend products knowing I am getting good value for money, reliability and excellent build quality."

Leo - Hand-I-Craft
DIY and Woodworking Enthusiast & Social Media Personality 

"I've been using Trend jigs and accessories for a few years now, in particular router jigs and templates with great success, however recently I've started using their cordless tool range and find these great value and excellent quality. My go-to drill driver and router are all Trend now, oh and not to mention the shop vacs which have amazing suction and are quieter than any I've used before. Overall a great company based in the United Kingdom."

Karl Pope Woodcraft
Custom Furniture Maker & Social Media Personality

"Everything is available as a spare part. That is what I love about Trend. Personally me, in the last 15 years, I have had nothing but excellent customer service from Trend."

Richard Morely - BrainFizz
Window Restoration Specialist & Social Media Personality

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