U*AIR/PRO - AIR/PRO Face Shield USA 120V


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Battery powered, air circulating face shield for use with all woodworking applications.

  • Suitable for use when machining MDF.
  • Approved to European standard BS EN 12941TH2P-S.
  • Features include:
  • Combination face-seal and hood to improve protection.
  • Motor positioned away from the sensitive area of the forehead to reduce noice and irritation.
  • Attachment points for optional ear defenders.
  • Strategic component distribution ensure optimum centre of gravity is achieved for balance and comfort.
  • Twin filters with efficiency of 98%, more than double the Airshield MK1.
  • Audible low battery warning.
  • Removable 8 hour Ni-MH battery.
Airflow min
Airflow fully charged
Size of headband
20 1/2" - 24 1/2"
Size range
6 3/8" - 7 3/4"
Mean filtered particle size
0.6 micron
Motor sound level
Total weight with battery
Eye protection
Respiratory protection (for reference only)
NPF50 to BS EN 12941 TH2P-S. Not NIOSH approved
California Prop 65
See below for Safety Link - Air Circulating Face Shield
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U*AIR/P/1 - THP2 Filter Pack (pair) U*AIR/P/1 16

TH2P-S filter pack for the AIRSHIELD PRO.

    1 CA$110.65
    U*AIR/P/3C - Visor Overlay - clear (10 pack) U*AIR/P/3C 17

    Replacement clear visor overlay for the AIRSHIELD PRO.

      1 CA$69.71
      U*AIR/P/4 - 8 Hour Battery AIR/PRO U*AIR/P/4 19

      8 hour battery for the AIRSHIELD PRO.

        1 CA$146.11
        U*AIR/P/5L - Charger 120V USA Plug AIR/PRO U*AIR/P/5L 19

        Battery charger for the AIRSHIELD PRO.

          1 CA$114.60
          U*WP-AIR/P/01 - Fan/Motor for AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/01 1

          Replacement fan motor for the AIR/PRO.

            1 CA$348.00
            U*WP-AIR/P/02 - Airflow Indicator for AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/02 2

            Replacement airflow indicator for the AIR/PRO.

              1 CA$48.56
              U*WP-AIR/P/03 - Headcover and Face Seal AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/03 3

              Replacement headcover and face seal for the AIR/PRO.

                1 CA$126.84
                U*WP-AIR/P/05 - Switch and Contact Assembly AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/05 5

                Replacement switch and contact for the AIR/PRO.

                  1 CA$136.32
                  Out of Stock U*WP-AIR/P/07 - Visor for AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/07 7

                  Replacement visor for the AIR/PRO.

                    1 CA$58.71
                    U*WP-AIR/P/08 - Cover for AIR/PRO U*WP-AIR/P/08 8

                    Replacement cover for the AIR/PRO.

                      1 CA$51.45
                      U*WP-AIR/P/10 - Headband Comfort Pad Air/Pro U*WP-AIR/P/10 10

                      Replacement headband comfort pad for the AIR/PRO.

                        1 CA$23.36
                        U*WP-AIR/P/11 - Pivot Pin Body Air/Pro U*WP-AIR/P/11 11

                        Replacement pivot pin body for the AIR/PRO.

                          2 CA$11.98
                          U*WP-AIR/P/12 - Pivot Pin Bolt Air/Pro U*WP-AIR/P/12 12

                          Replacement pivot pin bolt for the AIR/PRO.

                            2 CA$11.98
                            U*WP-AIR/P/14 - Knob Air/Pro U*WP-AIR/P/14 14

                            Replacement knob for the AIR/PRO.

                              2 CA$19.58


                              Airshield Pro Respirator Video - Demonstration

                              A demonstration of the Trend Airshield Pro Respirator.

                              Product Questions

                              The Airflow indicator supplied with the Air/Pro mask is a great tool to show the efficiency of the filter. It depends on how contaminated the enviroment is that your working in. Discolouration of the filter is also a good indication that the filter needs changing.

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                              Yes you can.

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                              This is the product you need. Click here shop now.

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                              The AIR/PRO can be used with grain dust.

                              ... Read more

                              The AIR/PRO is suitable when grinding metal.

                              ... Read more

                              No the AIR/PRO cannot be used in mining.

                              ... Read more

                              The AIR/PRO unit will give the user protection against dust and mold spores. For the sweeping up we would recommend that the filters and head cover-face seal are both changed to stop any cross contamination afterwards.

                              ... Read more

                              Soot is burnt coal or coke (carbon) in particulate form and the AIR/PRO filters are suitable for this job.

                              ... Read more

                              No the Airshield cannot be used for paint spraying.

                              ... Read more

                              It will provide full eye and face protection from chemical splashes but does not provide respiratory protection from liquid partials and toxic fumes. The AIRSHIELD PRO only provides respiratory protection from solid partials (dust).

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                              The Airshield can be used with brick dust and also MDF dust.

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                              The Airshield can be used when cutting and grinding sandstone. The standard filters should be used. The visor overlays should also be fitted to the visor.

                              ... Read more

                              Yes, the Airshield can be used when routing fibre glass (GRP).

                              ... Read more

                              Definitely do not use white spirit or anything similar as this will result in degrading of polycarbonate and reduction of protection level. Suggest only Isopropyl alcohol or the patient use of your thumb nail to clean off any residual adhesive from the overlays.

                              ... Read more

                              The Airshield can be used when powder coating as long as no solvents are used and the level of protection does not exceed 50 parts per million.

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                              Clean internally and externally daily, visual inspection daily, charge battery pack daily, functional test daily, weekly and monthly. Dust from wood, grain, and cement may suit more frequent replacement of the filters. No filter should be left in the AIR/PRO for more than one month if in daily use or three months if used infrequently. A COSHH maintenance and record card is available on our downloads page.

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                              The visor is made from polycarbonate plastic.

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                              The batteries used are nickel cadmium and providing the charge and discharge cycles are observed the batteries will have no memory effect.

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                              The Airshield battery voltage is 3.6 volt. The battery has three 1.2 volt cells in series. Each cell has a milliampere rating of 950mAh. Spare batteries are available, the part number is AIR/P/4.

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                              The battery charger for the Airshield is 230 volt AC/DC, with an output of 4.35v DC.|The charger is for indoor use only, and is splash protected to IP20. Spare UK chargers can be ordered on part number AIR/5/UK. European chargers are part number AIR/5/EURO.

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                              The face seal should be pulled in towards the face and away from the visor. Do not be overly worried about this. The Airshield is a powered visor and therefore the pressure inside the visor is greater than the exterior so it is not possible for dust to leak into the breathing zone.

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                              No filter should be left in the AIR/PRO for more than one month if in daily use or three months if used infrequently.

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                              The Airshield has been designed so that the air flow passes over the face and over the inside of the visor and is exhaled through the vents rearwards. This ensures there is a flow of air over the face and prevents the visor from misting.

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                              The Air/Pro will protect against Covid, but the air expelled is not filtered and will not protect the people around you.

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                              None of our masks are suitable for abstestos because they cannot be cleaned sufficiently to be free from dust.

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                              The Air/Pro is not suitable for Silica dust but the Air/pro Max is APF40 and is suitable. The half masks, including the Air Stealth & Stealth Lite, are not suitable.

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                              The Airshield Pro has been ergonomically designed to work for longer periods of time. In this respect the comfort of the headband and the balance of the unit are optimised for user comfort. The Airshield Pro weighs 996 gm. The AirShield Pro Max weighs 1480 gm.

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                              It is advisable to purchase a second charger (ref AIR/5/UK for a UK three pin plug or AIR/5/EURO for a European two pin plug). Two fully charger batteries should be fitted to the Airshield for 8 hour life, rather than one charged and one low charged battery, as this will lead to battery drain. As 14 hours is required to charge the battery, two chargers will allow both batteries to be charged overnight.

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