U*LOCK/JIG/A - Lock Jig Large comes with Baldwin Template


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For routing the face-plate and mortise for larger locks quickly & accurately.

  • Suitable for two sizes of Baldwin locks with faceplate sizes 1 1/4" x 8" or 1" x 8" and mortise sizes 1" x 5 23/32" or 7/8" x 5 23/32".
  • Fast, clean & accurate results on doors 1 5/16 inch to 2 1/4 inch thick, even in hardwood.
  • Adaptor plate included to allow smaller templates to be fitted (as supplied with standard LOCK/JIG).
  • An auger bit and drill is required to complete deep mortises.
  • Includes 15/32 inch diameter 1/2 inch shank TCT router bit and 1-3/16 inch screw-on style guide bush.
  • Jig requires a router with 3-1/8 inch plunge.
Door thickness min.
1 5/16 "
Door thickness max.
2 1/4 "

Face-plate dimensions (D x OL)

1 1/4" x 8"
1" x 8"
0.787" x 9 1/4"radius end
0.945" x 9 1/4" radius end

Mortise dimensions (D x OL)

1" x 5 23/32"
7/8" x 5 23/32"
0.669" x 6 11/16" mm

*Mortise is actually 7 3/32" to give 3/16" learance each end.

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U*C172X1/2TC - Two Flute Bit 15/32 inch (12 mm) diameter x 2 1/2 inch cut U*C172X1/2TC

Trend Craft Pro 1/2in shank worktop joint cutter - 15/32in diameter Two Flute Carbide tips.

  • 15/32in diameter X 2 1/2in cutting depth; the essential cutter for routing post formed joints on extra thick worktops
  • Cut crisp and clean precision fit joints every time; especially suited for use on abrasive chipboard core laminate faced worktops.
  • Bottom cut feature for plunge work including stopped grooving and morticing applications.
  • PTFE coating to minimise heat and resin build up for increased cutter performance and longevity.
  • 1/2in shank for use in bigger routers and heavier applications with 'K'mark shank to ensure safe working practices.
U*GB/COLL/1630 - Guide Bush Collar 16mm to 30mm U*GB/COLL/1630

Aluminium collar to fit guide bushes.

  • Enables single shaped templates to be used to cut perfectly matching pocket & inlay.
  • Collars have integral rubber 'O' rings to ensure collar secures onto guide bush.
  • Templates should be made with suitable sized corners for the collar being used.
  • The correct diameter straight cutter as indicated should always be used.
U*GB/US/160 - Screw-on Style Guide Bush USA 16mm hinge Jig U*GB/US/160

Guide bush with locking ring for Hinge Jigs.



    Lock Jig Video

    Using the Lockjig to rout a door lock.

    Hinge Jig Video

    Demonstrating how easyand quick it is to hang a door using a hinge jig

    Product Questions

    The standard radius produced with our lock jig is 6mm this is the radius from a 12mm diameter cutter. A 10mm radius can be obtained with a 20mm cutter C030A in conjunction with a GB240 24mm guide bush.

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