U*VARIJIG - Varijig System Adjustable Frame


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Adjustable frame and guide for use with a router.

  • Adjustable frame for rectangles and squares.
  • Allows a router to cut recesses, slots, face panel moulds etc.
  • Four lengths of 27-1/2 inch extrusion with dual metric/imperial measuring scales.
  • Working area 23-5/8 inch x 23-5/8 inch. Includes router anti-tilt block.
  • Cross cut accuracy to 0.1mm, a square is required to square frame before use.
  • Use with a guide bush with minimum 5/16 inch spigot length, or use Unibase as guide.
  • Secure with standard clamps or use optional clamp kit.
  • Can also be used to create panel doors for kitchens etc.
Working area required
23 5/8"x 23 5/8"
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U*VJS/FJK - Varijig System Frame Jointing Kit U*VJS/FJK

Set of four corner jointing brackets for the VARIJIG.


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    The secret to great clamping with the varijig is two leave the lever up almost vertical, bring the two ends of the clamp together against the work peice, push the clamp handle down once, so its flat,and again so the clamp handle is pointing down this will clamp the straight edge rigid.

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